Three easy ways to organanize those endless “Piles of Paperwork”

Piles of paperwork. 

We all know them so well!  

Whether bills, mail, school-work or magazines, these piles seem to flood most households and become quite the eye sore.

Is there any way to avoid this?  Of course!  Just as I suggested in my Toy Organization Post: everything needs a place!  The moment you create a “home” for the usual paperwork you receive, the piles will diminish before your very eyes. Well, yes…It will require some work; but only the simple effort of putting something in its place.

Below, I have shared three easy ways to glam up your paperwork organization!  Let’s get those piles of paperwork organized:

1. Out with the old and in with the CHIC!

It’s time to bid farewell to those metal, chunky filing cabinets!  Home-office or not, household paperwork can easily fit in with your home decor!  With the use of cute baskets, metal dividers and chic file folders, I created a simple and accessible way to keep my bills in line.  Not to mention, much easier to look at!

 file folders

2. Binders to the rescue!  

And what about all the paper that comes with those kiddos? These little munchkins sure require a lot of documents and a binder was the perfect solution!  In the early years, much of their information needs to be referenced at doctor appointments, dentist visits, meetings, etc.  I needed it by my side and the binder was much easier to bring along than a filing cabinet. {Or basket in this case!}

Baby Binders

3. Eliminate those piles of paperwork completely.

I’ll admit:  I love paper.  I want to see it and hold it.  But after I finally agreed to try the Evernote ScanSnap {non sponsored suggestion}, I loved it!  It is an incredible solution for scanning all important documents and saving them on the computer.  Whether you’re a techy gal or not, ScanSnap is simple and user friendly!  Genius.

I don’t scan all my paperwork because yes, I still want some of it in a tangible version.





These three steps have created a perfect system for getting all of our family’s piles of paperwork organizedHope they help you too!

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Kelley Morrison was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, snatched a business degree from Saint Mary’s College in Northern California, and has 8 years of Commercial Real Estate experience under her belt. So you’d never guess that her true passion always lied in dreaming of being a mother, organizing, owning her own business and somehow merging these all into one day. Her husband of 6 years and two toddlers are the absolute loves of her life. Having a boy and girl allows her to tap into both her tomboy and girly side: playing ball and dressing up as princesses…just in time for weekly date night with her handsome hubby. And if this wasn’t enriching enough, developing Organized by Kelley, her personalized blog and Etsy Shop, has now become her creative outlet for living life efficiently.

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  1. Jeanne March 17, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

    Where’d you get thos cute baskets? I love this :)

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