Matching shoes

The Crazy Parenting Trick I Use to Start My Day

I have found the solution to parenting… said no parent, ever. Over the three years of E’s short life, I’ve picked up a few parenting tricks here and there. Some things work once or twice, and some things revolutionize our routines. My newest trick? Matching outfits! Getting the two of us ready on any given […]

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We are wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and stress-free Thanksgiving!  We are so grateful for you, our readers, and look forward to many more years sharing our stories and connecting moms all throughout the Phoenix Valley. Stay tuned next week for a great giveaway to go along with our Holiday Gift Guide! […]

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Activities to Keep the Kids Busy this Thanksgiving

I have to admit, I really love Thanksgiving and the whole to-do of cooking a big meal for family and friends. I enjoy spending the day carefully preparing all of the sides and dishes that will fill our table that afternoon. While I am at work in the kitchen though, I need to have some […]

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Just Being Mom Isn't Enough

Just Being Mom Isn’t Enough

Do you remember the post Why Being a Mom is Enough? I read it. You should if you haven’t. It’s great but it’s not entirely true. It’s just being mom isn’t enough. Tough love, right? This one might not sit well with some out there. That’s fine. I want to stir thought, to encourage discussion, […]

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SMB Six Tips for Black Friday

Six Tips for Surviving Black Friday in Scottsdale

Hi everyone, my name is Jenny and I am the newest contributor at Scottsdale Mom’s Blog. I’m a self-proclaimed shopaholic and there are very few things that get me excited as a big sale. It is the perfect time of year for me to come on board since Black Friday is this week! I’ve heard from a lot of people […]

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The best ThanksgivingRecipes

The 7 Best Thanksgiving Recipes

If you are planning Thanksgiving for the first time (or the tenth!), it can be a little overwhelming to find recipes. A quick search on Thanksgiving recipes brings up over 36,200,000 results. Well, I’m sharing with you my tested family favorites. I know you have the turkey covered, so these are the sides and dessert […]

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girl drama

Banning the Words: Girl Drama

  “It’s too much drama!” My daughter complains as she spills the details of a squabble she experienced in the park. I am not a proponent of the word since it furthers the myth that young girls and women are unable to get along with one another. Much to my dismay, I’ve heard this word too […]

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A Thanksgiving Craft to Delight and/or Enrage

Years ago I worked at an insurance agency with a gal named Robin. Robin was hilarious, flamboyant, and fun. One day, about a month before Thanksgiving, Robin came in on a Monday morning wearing a turkey pin she’d picked up at a craft fair. I thought it was cute but some of our co-workers thought […]

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Attitude of Gratitude

Leading an “attitude of gratitude” on a daily basis can help you stay grounded, keep things in perspective and, without sounding too dramatic, change your life! By focusing on the positive, you will focus less on the negative, which can open up space in your life for happiness, contentment and living in the moment. Although […]

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Find your inner cowboy

Find Your Inner Cowboy at Tanque Verde Dude Ranch

Just two and a half hours south of Scottsdale in the wild nature of Tucson is Tanque Verde Ranch, beaconing you to come find your inner cowboy. No boots, no hat, no horse, no problem! Tanque Verde is a dude ranch that has all you need and is just waiting for you to come and […]

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